British Speedway moves to BT Sport for 2017 season


British speedway will be televised on BT Sport in 2017 after the broadcaster took up the baton from rivals Sky Sports.

All eight clubs from the newly rebranded SGB Premiership, formerly known as the Elite League, will feature across 18 live shows on BT Sport, starting with the British finals in June and concluding with the end of season play-offs in the autumn.

The move means BT Sport is now the new home of all major British and international speedway events on UK television, having secured the rights to broadcast the FIM Speedway Grand Prix and FIM Speedway World Cup last year.

In contrast, the deal also brings to an end Sky Sports long-running domestic speedway coverage which ran for more than 20 years.

It is thought they declined to take up the final two years of their contract which was due to run to the end of 2018.

BT Sport has stepped in to fill the void left by its chief pay-TV sports rival, but BT’s coverage will not get underway until June, despite the season starting in April.

Commenting on the switch to BT Sport, Keith Chapman, chairman of the British Speedway Promoters’ Association, said: “We are delighted to welcome BT Sport as our broadcast partners for the 2017 season.

“They have successfully hosted both the Grand Prix and World Cup last year and we are pleased to showcase our sport alongside those tournaments on the same channel.

“We also believe this is good news for British viewers who can now see regular speedway, both at league and international level, on the same platform.

“We sincerely hope we have an exciting and entertaining season and once again show the wider audience what a thrilling spectacle the sport is.”

Terry Russell, from Go Speed International Ltd who negotiated the new deal, added: “Our thanks go to BT Sport for welcoming British Speedway into their stable of sport.

“We are extremely pleased British Speedway has a home on TV and of course it sits very nicely alongside the GP and World Cup.

“It’s good news for the sport in general and I’m sure our fans will enjoy the coverage BT Sport provide.

“There will be 18 shows throughout the summer and into the autumn, including the play-offs which always provide great drama and TV entertainment.

“We are also working hard with the clubs to make every TV meeting an exciting event, to promote it hard and make it work for everyone. These are exciting times and we look forward to working with BT Sport.”

Details of BT Sport’s live televised fixtures will be confirmed in due course, but the broadcaster will not be showing any early season fixtures live, with the eight clubs in the Premiership due to lock horns from the beginning of April.

Natalie Quirk, who presents the channel’s World Cup speedway coverage, has confirmed on social media that she will be part of the on-air covering, which will start on June 19 with the British Speedway Finals.


  1. I see Sky waste money on Golf which is not a sport, (same league as Darts) move the money from armchair sportsmen to real sports. I stopped my Sky subs years ago, do not like paying for Ads and Leisure Time.

  2. I watched a couple of rounds on BT Sport3 through Virgin and thought we were back on a winner, but the round this weekend has been moved to BT Sport2 so I can’t watch it – very annoying!

  3. I’ve been a speedway fan for nearly 50 years and now due to greed from tv companies can only watch snippets on youtube very sad way will I invest in BT sport

  4. First SKY drop the Motorcycle GP for BT Sport, then they drop the Speedway GPs and now all speedway has gone to BT sport.
    If they think I am going to pay over £65 a month to watch 22 men kicking a bag of wind around a field they can think again.
    BT Sport here I reluctantly come.

  5. Got back into Speedway a few years ago. Looked forwarded to the coverage each week.
    Now as Sky have decided there have had enough. I am left with one option either watch meetings from June onwards or give it the elbow.

  6. Was just about to get BTtv to watch speedway. Am now having second thoughts now that I find out only showing half a season. How ridiculous, just goes to show how out of touch the bosses are with the viewers.

  7. Got back into my speedway past few years can’t be bothered now seeing u have to see results instead of watching matches wouldn’t put fa cup on in quarters or footy would u that’s what there doing with speedway I’ll catch it on Eurosport untill that goes to bt sport I’ll just catch results on net

  8. Room for more boring football. Sport doesn’t start with foot and end with ball. Shame. Speedway riders are real men not overpaid prima donnas!!!!

  9. Absolutely ridiculous that B.T. Sport only showing coverage from June just can’t understand it. Fans will have missed a lot of meetings by June would urge B.T. To think again.

  10. Shocking decision the speedway will be the biggest loser in this deal, only 18 matches and not starting till june and what happens when the meetings are postponed even less speedway to watch .bt sports you wouldnt start showing football matches from december onwards so why is a minority sport like speedway get this shambolic deal we need more coverage not less

  11. Sad day speedway moving to bt,half season and more money to pay out to see on tv at home. Unfortunately speedway will lose out in the end.

  12. As a Speedway fan, I am bemused as to why nearly three months of an already short season are being missed. Also it’s unfair on the Championship clubs as Sky always covered a couple of second teir meetings through the season. Very disappointing, some explanation from Sky would be appreciated.

  13. I thought it was great news BT were going to televise the speedway until I saw the coverage doesn’t start until June half the season is gone by then it’s ridiculous

  14. Absolutely ridiculous that BT Sport aren’t starting their Speedway coverage until June. Season starts first week in April. What bloody use is it when a large bulk of the season will be missed on Television.

  15. What’s the use watching something when half the season has gone. Viewers will lose interest when you cannot watch the league materialise from the start. Once again BT getting the money in and not worrying about the punters who pay for BT sport


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