The Real Football Fan Show comes to Channel 4


The online football fan revolution hits terrestrial television as passionate supporters get to air their views on the latest twists and turns in the Premier League in a new four-part late night series coming to Channel 4.

Hosted by Robbie Lyle, founder and presenter of the YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TVThe Real Football Fan Show will provide a forum for alternative and confrontational “no-holds-barred debate” as the football season reaches its climax.

The series will feature contributions from other similar online fan channels, including 100% Chelsea and United Stand, as they all cast their strong, opinionated views all the latest news and controversy from the world of football.

Scheduled to run for four episodes, The Real Football Fan Show premieres on the evening of Thursday, April 19 at 12.05am on Channel 4, with the final episode set to air three days before the final Premier League weekend of the season.

Commenting on the new Channel 4 series, Arsenal Fan TV’s Robbie Lyle told the Evening Standard:

“It’s great that we can bring what we we do to TV. It’ll be fantastic and bring something new to how the game is covered.

“We wont be watered down and we’ll give the authentic voice of the fans.”

Online fan channels like Arsenal Fan TV can already claim to have had some influence on mainstream TV football coverage, with broadcasters starting to feature social media vox pops more regularly across its programming, such as BT Sport’s Premier League Tonight.

Arsenal Fan TV has polarised opinion among football fans and even players since its inception in 2012, but despite this criticism it has carved out a significant following for itself and currently has around 740,000 YouTube subscribers.

Viewers can interact with the new programme via social media – @TheRealFFS on Twitter or via #TheRealFFS.

For further background to the online football fan phenomenon, visit the show’s official website –

The Real Football Fan Show starts on Channel 4 on the evening of Thursday, April 19, at 12.05am.

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